Powering your message in the hands of consumers.


Travelers find our sites through organic search terms on major search engines. Once they arrive at one of our sites, they self-select a region and a specific travel guide for a destination of interest.


At this point, we verify/validate the User as a real person with a street address thus passing on the qualified lead to the advertiser.


90 days after the requested brochure, we interview/survey that lead to determine if they have arrived in-market at their planned destination. It's a lead-generation marketing program with ROI mechanisms built-in. For example, at the end of the day, if we send you 1,000 qualified leads, we can report back to you that 70% of these leads actually arrived in-market and 20% are still planning and 10% have decides not to arrive.


Every 30 days we provide demographics, timing of travel, # of people in travel party, HHI, Age, Gender, regionality of leads, etc.